• More female freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, women in boards of directors and women in senior positions and more diversity.

  • Increasing the percentage of businesses owned by women

  • Increasing the average income of a freelancer

  • Increasing the profitability and incomes of the business

  • Increasing resources, loans and funds for business women

  • Nurture a fierce female leadership that is distinguished from the male one

The world has changed: if once a man was a hunter and a woman was a uterus, today, this dichotomy is not total and less relevant. Yet still, there are obstacles in the woman’s path to what is considered male territory.


We are united: not to rule and not to isolate ourselves from the world. We are united because nobody will do it for us. We are uniting together because alone we do not have the necessary resources. Only 1 percent of the world capital is possessed by women. This means that we do not have power and influence. Uniting means power. Power to preserve the identity of the individual in the group and her survivability in an environment where there are always battles over power.


The quality of the feminine leadership is severely absent in the world. When we get stronger and obtain key positions, the contribution of the feminine quality will have a huge social impact.


We believe that you simply need to be in your natural environment,
one that will jump start you forward!


Limor Dahan -
Vice President of content&community
and Founder

An experienced media persona: radio broadcaster, vice president of content, psychotherapist, lecturer. “The power of a tribe is embodied in the strength of the individual. It has always been the synergistic connection that exists in the basis of the existence of everything. To listen, to connect, to support, to learn, to give, to lead, to dedicate. Since the beginning of time, these values have been engraved in the DNA of every successful person or successful group”.

Shani Burstein 

 An independent digital consultant with about 15 years of experience. Assists companies and businesses of all sizes in the ever changing digital world. An expert of digital strategy and digital marketing. Vast experience with companies in Israel and around the world and in overall digital transformation that is linked to business results. Has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications, and a Master’s degree in gender studies.

Galit Ana Ben Simhon
CEO and Founder

An expert in strategy, business management and development, has business, entrepreneurial and managerial experience of over 25 years in large and medium companies. Galit has fulfilled senior roles as president and vice president and in initiating and establishing innovative large companies, YES, AIG, First Direct,, Leumi Bank, Phoenix, and TVMALL. Has vast experience in the worlds of finance, service, electronic trade, television, retail, B2B and B2C-web communications, Mobile, media and digital. An expert in management and leading of large teams, strong brand development and a record of impressive business results. Has a Master’s degree in business management (MBA) from the Tel Aviv University. “I believe in excellent businesses with clear business models that do well and create a social impact.”

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