A one of a kind co-working space and a social club in Tel Aviv, Israel for Advancing and promoting businesse women, female professionals and entrepreneurs and Businesses that maintain or promote gender equality and diversity. Based on a unique operating model: Accelerator, Campus for practical management, Networking and Social Club - all under one roof!  


Our goal:

       Advancing and promoting businesses, owned or partnered by women, female professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • More female business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors and more female leadership and diversity.

  • Increasing women’s business income and profitability

  • Expanding access to resources, loans and investors



The club intended for a community of business, independent, creators, senior manager and leading professional women and for women who are inspirational role models.


The need arises from a bleak state of affairs. The numbers tell the story:


  • Only 14% of businesses are owned by women

  • Only 7% of all entrepreneurs are women

  • Only 15% of presidents are women

  • About half of the independent women make only up to minimum wage, in comparison to 29% of the independent men

  • Only 27% of the budget of the Ministry of Finances for support of small and medium business in 2015 was directed for women

  • Only 8% of the loans that were given by the state guaranteed loans fund were given to women

  • The rate of women in the boards of directors of the public companies constitutes only about 17%

  • Only 2% of all chairpersons of boards of directors are women

  • Only 1% of the world capital is owned by women


According to the monthly review of the chief economist of the Treasurer’s office, in 2016, women constituted only 26.1% of employees in the high-tech industry in Israel. Out of the R&D roles (the core roles in high-tech), women constitute only about 15% of all employees, and managers and entrepreneurs are also significantly outnumbered, at 7%


The main reasons for these gaps:


According to a study that was conducted at McKinsey, the main reasons for having fewer women in senior ranks:


A lack of access to unofficial networks, not having enough sponsors, people who could promote them, not having enough mentors to teach them, there are not enough women in management and technological roles that could be used as role models for imitation and inspiration.


All of us (women and men), even those who believe with all their heart in equal abilities and opportunities, are affected by stereotypes and the common and existing model, which is mostly male, in managerial positions. The challenge and the duty of proving themselves and the effort that is required when applying for a job, seeking a raise, receiving an evaluation and a promotion are greater for women than they are for men. A different personality structure, organizational characteristics and values that are not valued in the masculine world and the lack of desire and awareness of the dominant masculine hegemony in all key positions to change it.


Panthera is aiming at changing the existing reality!

  • More female freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, women in boards of directors and women in senior positions and more diversity.

  • Increasing the percentage of businesses owned by women

  • Increasing the average income of a freelancer

  • Increasing the profitability and incomes of the business

  • Increasing resources, loans and funds for business women

  • Nurture a fierce female leadership that is distinguished from the male one

The world has changed: if once a man was a hunter and a woman was a uterus, today, this dichotomy is not total and less relevant. Yet still, there are obstacles in the woman’s path to what is considered male territory.


We are united: not to rule and not to isolate ourselves from the world. We are united because nobody will do it for us. We are uniting together because alone we do not have the necessary resources. Only 1 percent of the world capital is possessed by women. This means that we do not have power and influence. Uniting means power. Power to preserve the identity of the individual in the group and her survivability in an environment where there are always battles over power.


The quality of the feminine leadership is severely absent in the world. When we get stronger and obtain key positions, the contribution of the feminine quality will have a huge social impact.

PANTHERA Impact Venture Capital - Target 50 M$

  • Help create new profitable businesses, led by women and minorities.

  • Deploy first money supporting high & low-tech Businesses. 

  • Create jobs and social Impact.

  • Strengthen the Economy

Unique Model. Unique Visibility.

The various campus activities give our team a unique observation perspective of the entrepreneurs on multiple levels:

  • Personal – knowing the future founders and CEO’s personally vs a hasty pitch presentation - provides us with a broader validation tools in terms of leadership, trust, overcoming challenges, and other professional skills.

  • Growth - follow the entrepreneur daily from inspiration to execution.

  • Hands-on approach – Panthera becomes an integral companion for the entrepreneur’s journey and overall execution.

The Panthera business model is unique and one of a kind. No other players offer such a game changing business model.

We believe that you simply need to be in your natural environment,
one that will jump start you forward!


Willingness and the desire to succeed! You must invest, through engagement, commitment, mutuality and enjoyment in order to obtain achievements


  • Meetings between you and panthers, as many as possible

  • Availability for conversation and ready communication

  • Positive thinking - a world view of giving: not just “what do I get out of it”, but also “what can I give to my friends”

  • Prioritizing panthers in referring leads and co-operations

  • Sharing from your experience for the members of your pride, through your lectures, workshops, and one on one

  • referring leads and helping to open doors for your friends in the tribe

  • Tolerance for the pace and way of your friends in the tribe

  • Bring your smile and the goodness in you

  • The fire that is within you that will stick to your friends

  • Your loyalty to the tribe and your desire to create a change in the society we live in


Limor Dahan -
Vice President of content&community
and Founder

An experienced media persona: radio broadcaster, vice president of content, psychotherapist, lecturer. “The power of a tribe is embodied in the strength of the individual. It has always been the synergistic connection that exists in the basis of the existence of everything. To listen, to connect, to support, to learn, to give, to lead, to dedicate. Since the beginning of time, these values have been engraved in the DNA of every successful person or successful group”.

Galit Ana Ben Simhon
CEO and Founder

An expert in strategy, business management and development, has business, entrepreneurial and managerial experience of over 25 years in large and medium companies. Galit has fulfilled senior roles as president and vice president and in initiating and establishing innovative large companies, YES, AIG, First Direct,, Leumi Bank, Phoenix, and TVMALL. Has vast experience in the worlds of finance, service, electronic trade, television, retail, B2B and B2C-web communications, Mobile, media and digital. An expert in management and leading of large teams, strong brand development and a record of impressive business results. Has a Master’s degree in business management (MBA) from the Tel Aviv University. “I believe in excellent businesses with clear business models that do well and create a social impact.”