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PANTHERA is an exclusive  club, intended for professional women. we offer a limited number of spots, and unfortunately cannot accept all applicants. 

Please note: The registration fee is 150 NIS for the initial intake process. The registration fee will also afford you the right to reserve a spot in the space or to enter a waiting list, if you are accepted.

The agreement is an annual contract, subject to cancellation by two months notice in advance for members, and 3 months notice for residents.

  • Social Club and a luxurious business lounge for meetings

  • Networking face to face and new clients

  • An application for online consultation and professional content

  • Lectures, professional panels and live shows

  • Exposure to a members database and a constant online connection

  • “Connectors” in the space, who connect between the members

  • Consultation and diagnosis regarding your business

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Meetings with mentors and inspirational role models

  • Monthly events (summary and parties)

  • Inviting partners and guests from 20:00

  • Tax deductible expense

  • Refreshments - coffee and cookies

  • Campus - professional courses and workshops

  • Premium services (business plan, branding and so on)

  • Fundraising from investors

  • Bistro and bar services

  • Work space 
  • Office services 
  • Meeting rooms
  • Bringing guests
6 hours included
Personal, private office, without limitation
shared, based on vacancy, per month
  • Work space 
  • Office services 
  • Meeting rooms
  • Bringing guests
NOT included
NOT included
20 guests

for free each month

The registration fee is used only
in order to reserve your spot

Selecting the tracks (MEMBER OR RESIDENT) and the fixed payment will be performed only after being accepted into Panthera

Thrive in your natural habitat

Tichon tower, ha'arba'a 19, Tel aviv, Israel

972.3.375.3000 +

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